Our Team


This is our team - not in "work" attire, but in a more casual mood ...

we all really enjoy our work as well as each other's company!


Maggi in the garden - summer 2011

Maggi Churchouse



Having started my business in 2002, I am delighted to have some fantastic clients who appreciate hard work as well as vital relaxation, and I am pleased to introduce my team below.

Chonkie in the garden - summer 2011

Chonkie Churchouse

(Husband... and IT consultant, etc..)


Background:  an early pioneer in the mainframe IT industry during the early '70s, then IT management roles in commerce and banking into the '90s, followed by entrepreneurial business ventures ...   Now Maggi's indispensable back-room boy!


Cathy Hill

(Event support)


  We have known Cathy since our teens, and she has been providing event support since 2008.  She has developed broad event management experience covering a range of responsibilities.

Ellen - moments after her marriage to Max...

Ellen Middleton

(Event support)



Ellen has been providing event support with Cathy since 2008.   Her happy, unflappable attitude brings much to our strong on-the-day team.

Maggi labouring - 5 cubic mtrs of concrete to be moved - November - 2011

November 2011

Maggi helping move twelve tonnes of concrete footings for our side barn conversion, early morning 25th November 2011

Maggi & Cath during our summer holiday 2011

Summer Holiday 2011

Maggi Churchouse Events road trip to Le Marche, Italy in a "London Taxi". Cathy and Maggi enjoying a glass in the evening.

Nog - discovering snow for the first time - Jan 2010

Gnog the Dog



Gnog still wears his "Dogs Trust" collar, and loves to play "tennis-ball-lobbing" to the point of obsession.  We wish we had half his energy!

Italian property for sale

Emilia Romagna/Le Marche Border

This property is being sold by our friends, freehold, with no forward chain. 

The restoration of the Palazzo (Palace) is 75% complete, the first fix wiring and plumbing is in place. The final wall finish (bearing in mind the original frescoes, etc) is an easy task.

For more info please click here or the image to the left.