Current Events

Barn & Maggi's office in winter Jan-2010

Listed below are links to websites of events we are working on at the moment

The BMCS Mastering MedChem V13 Mar 2019 Event website
Fragments 2019: 6th RSC-BMCS fragment-based drug discovery24-26 Mar 2019 Event website
Integrin targeted drug discovery28 Mar 2019 Event website 
30th symposium on medicinal chemistry in Eastern England2 May 2019 Event website
2nd RSC Anglo-Nordic medchem11-14 Jun 2019 Event website
BOS 2019 (Biotech Outsourcing Strategies)19-20 Jun 2019 Event website
2nd RSC BMCS / RSC CICAG Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry2-3 Sep 2019 
Postgraduate symposium XIII: biological and medicinal chemistry symposium for postgraduates13 Dec 2019 
6th Ion channels as therapeutic targets24-25 Feb 2020 Event website

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