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Maggi Churchouse Events is a freelance conference and events management service which has been operating since April 2002. Maggi has more than seventeen years' direct experience of conference and event management, both in the UK and overseas, and is proud of her small business which is both flexible and creative.


Maggi was brought up in Cambridge and attended St Mary's Convent. She left with three 'A' Levels in modern languages, and proceeded to obtain Institute of Linguists qualifications and office skills. Since then, Maggi has had working business experience in the following areas:

private sector (architecture)

public sector (government agency in bioscience sector)

SMEs (own business start-ups in licensed trade - retail and wholesale)

education (university department and university college)

manufacture (building products and confectionery)

leisure (tour operator).

She and her husband lived in Yorkshire for 21 years, and during this period she developed a wide range of skills and experience in managing events, contracts, finances, databases and staff. When they returned to East Anglia in April 2002, Maggi established her own business.


In the events business, Maggi has worked with clients such as the RQA, Bayer CropScience, the Central Science Laboratory, Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, Defra, the European Union, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Society of Chemical Industry, US Food and Drug Administration, Universities of York and Leeds, and York City Council.  See Key Projects and Testimonials for additional project information.

Maggi enjoys working in the events industry, and she feels that her well-organised approach and sociable nature are just the right attributes for this area of work.


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