Kinase 2021:
9th RSC / SCI symposium on kinase inhibitor design


Wednesday & Thursday, 14th & 15th April 2021

(two afternoon sessions)

A virtual event


Registration is open

and will close at 12.00 GMT on Monday, 12th April


Twitter hashtag - #Kinase21



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With more than 49 FDA-approved small molecules, the field of kinase inhibition continues to attract significant investment from the drug discovery and development community. The 9th RSC/SCI symposium on kinases will encompass plenary lectures on emergent topics and case studies of ongoing programmes as well as successful past programmes.


This event will be hosted on Zoom.


Programme Themes
This event will bring together industrial and academic experts representing many of the leading institutions in kinase drug discovery, to discuss a selection of new and emerging topics within the fields of kinase therapeutics for oncology and non-oncology therapies, and foster discussions within the wider industry through networking and industrial exhibitions.


Who should attend?
This event is aimed at all scientists interested in furthering their knowledge of kinases. It will also have wider appeal to members of the drug discovery community eager to understand how enzyme inhibitor programmes are approached and executed across the pharmaceutical industry. 



Note:  All timings are UK time (BST).


Wednesday, 14th April 2021


Session 1


Session co-chairs:  Mihiro Sunose, Sygnature Discovery, and Pascal Savy, Charles River, UK

14.00Opening remarks

The shape-shifting protein kinases
Peter Parker, Francis Crick Institute, UK


Use of NanoLuc®-derived bioluminescent tools for live-cell target engagement and PROTAC-mediated degradation of kinases

Craig Malcolm, Promega, UK


Design and evaluation of novel heterocyclic cysteine targeting covalent warheads and their application in identification of selective irreversible kinase inhibitors
Kirsten McAulay, CRUK Beatson Institute, UK


Refreshment break


Session 2

Session co-chairs:  Douglas Williamson, Vernalis Research, and Ray Finlay, AstraZeneca, UK


Discovery of potent and selective Nuak1 inhibitors

Karine G Poullennec, UCB Biopharma, Belgium


Prep HPLC from Teledyne ISCO: Taking the hard work out of method development with our focused gradient generator

Nicola Brown, Teledyne ISCO, USA


Fragment-derived, selective and orally-active inhibitors of DYRK1A and DYRK1B
Lee Walmsley, Vernalis Research, UK


Closing remarks


Thursday, 15th April


Session 3


Session co-chairs:  John Harris, CJH Consultants, and Hannah Woodward, University College London, UK

14.00Opening remarks

Protein degradation of kinases with PROTACs: a route to differentiated medicines?
John Harling, GlaxoSmithKline, UK


Enhanced kinase discovery and validation using TMT® proteomics
Ian Pike, Proteome Sciences, UK


Discovery of potent TTBK1 inhibitors that lower tau phosphorylation in vivo for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
Toma Halkina, Biogen, USA


Refreshment break


Session 4

Session co-chairs:  John Cumming, F Hoffman-La Roche, Switzerland, and Sarah Major, Evotec, UK


Exploiting the kinase conformational repertoire for allosteric regulation of IRE1α kinase-endoribonuclease
Ian Collins, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK


Activate Scientific: chemistry services for drug discovery

Declan Wolverson, Activate Scientific, UK


Highly selective DDR1 Inhibitors from efficient screening and structure-guided design
Bernd Kuhn, F Hoffmann-La Roche, Switzerland


Closing remarks



Registration is open

Online registration - for payment by card

Registration form - to receive an invoice for settlement by bank transfer


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John CummingF Hoffmann-La Roche
Ray FinlayAstraZeneca
John HarrisCJH Consultants
Pascal Savy (chair)Charles River
Mihiro SunoseSygnature Discovery
Douglas Williamson (treasurer)Vernalis Research


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