Postgraduate Symposium XIV

biological and medicinal chemistry symposium for postgraduates

Friday, 11th December 2020

A virtual symposium


Poster viewing will start at 09.00 on Monday, 7th December

The poster networking session will run 12.00-14.00 on Thursday, 10th December

The oral presentation symposium will run 10.00-15.25 on Friday, 11th December


Registration is open

Registration will be closed after Friday, 27th November


Twitter hashtag #CamPostGrad20


Downloads and Links

Online registration - closing date is 27th November


Symposium announcement

RSC webpage

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This virtual event will be hosted on GoToWebinar.

The posters will be available via a dedicated independent link - (available to registered delegates only from 1st December)



The RSC-BMCS (Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector) will host its fourteenth postgraduate symposium for PhD students and post-doctoral workers researching in biological or medicinal chemistry and related areas.  Researchers working in these areas are invited to participate.


Call for Abstracts - now closed

If you were interested in presenting your relevant PhD or post-doctoral work as a talk or poster, you were asked to submit a single-page abstract by 5th October.   All those who submitted abstracts have been notified of the Abstract Review Panel's decisions.


Posters and Prizes

The meeting’s popular poster session will be held online.


Viewing:  Posters will be hosted on a dedicated webpage for poster viewing in the run-up to the meeting will be available from 09.00 on 7th December.  The link will be made available to registered delegates by that date.


Networking:  There will be an opportunity for registered delegates to interact with the poster presenters via our poster networking session from 12.00-14.00 on Thursday, 10th December.   The networking platform will be GrapeVine, and the event will be run on an open-house basis,  first come first served.   The link will be made available to registered delegates by that date.


On the Day:  Contact may be made with the poster authors via links provide in their abstracts.

Prizes:  The BMCS judges will be awarding prizes to participants. There will be prizes of £500 for the best oral presentation and of £250 for the best poster. These will be announced at the end of the day on Friday, 11th December.


The meeting will be run online from 10.00-15.50, and the day will consist of ten oral presentations delivered live (8 student and 2 keynote). Each 15-minute student talk will be followed by 5 minutes for questions.  In each session there will be a 20-minute keynote talk from an industrial or academic chemist.


Thursday, 10th December
12.00Networking with our poster presenters (via Grapevine)
14.00Networking ends


Friday, 11th December


Welcome, opening remarks and online housekeeping announcement

John Skidmore, University of Cambridge, UK



First session

Session Chair:   John Skidmore, University of Cambridge, UK


Design, synthesis and characterization of Δ7-dafachronic acid bioisosters as modulators of the DAF-12 receptor
Giada Ceccarelli, University of Perugia, Italy


Query-guided protein-protein interaction inhibitor discovery
Sergi Celis, University of Leeds, UK


Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel indole maleimides
Louise Cooney, University College Cork, Ireland


Fragment-orientated synthesis: synthesis, biological evaluation and elaboration of fragments targeting Aurora-a kinase

Emily Faulkner, University of Leeds, UK


Keynote:  Discovery and development of novel, immunosuppressive classes of lipid kinase inhibitors able to prolong allogeneic organ engraftment

Helen Horsley, UCB, UK


Lunch break



Second session

Session Chair: Katherine Jones, GlaxoSmithKline, UK


Brief introduction, announcements, and housekeeping reminder 

Katherine Jones, GlaxoSmithKline, UK


Caging DNA targeting ligands for triggered release
Tim Kench, Imperial College London, UK


Nitro at the museum, or drugs of the future?
Vanessa Lyne, University of Durham, UK


MetaTacs: a strategy for metastasis prevention through targeted fascin degradation

Sarah Memarzadeh, University of Glasgow, UK


A CRISPR method for rapid in-cell validation of epigenetic targets
Adam Thomas, University of Oxford, UK


Keynote 2:  Navigating chemical space – new approaches to finding hits

Mike Waring, Newcastle University, UK


Closing remarks

Dave Alker, David Alker Associate


Announcement of prize-winners




This event is FREE, but all attendees are required to register.  To secure your place at this popular event, please register by no later than Friday, 27th November.  


The registration weblink is here.


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Sponsors and Supporters

We are grateful to our confirmed supporters:



We are grateful to our confirmed sponsors:









Additional sponsors are sought to support this event.


Organising Committee

Dave Alker (treasurer), Chemistry Recruitment Consultant

Rose Bardell-Cox, Evotec
Anthony Coyne, University of Cambridge

Ashley Jarvis, Evotec

Katherine Jones, GlaxoSmithKline
John Skidmore, University of Cambridge
Gordon Saxty, Fidelta

Mary Wheldon, University of Dundee

Douglas Williamson (chairman), Vernalis Research

Event Contact

For sponsorship and other enquires, please contact Maggi Churchouse.


Registration is open

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